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Bachelor Party Service! 

Family-Style Feast: Get ready for a feast!


You’ll have two appetizers, a salad or a hearty soup, a scrumptious main course, and a sweet ending with dessert.

Customized menus designed just for your taste buds, and we'll chat about your food likes and any restrictions—for free, of course.

We'll have name cards describing each dish. And because great times pair well with great drinks, we’ll suggest the perfect wines and beers for your spread. When the plates are empty, we’ll clean up—plates, pans, everything!

Appetizer-Tapas Bash:

Let’s bring the variety! Five to six mouthwatering appetizer platters are on the menu, and we’ve got a server/bartender for you too!

Menus just how you like them—tailored to your food needs and faves. We’ll get all the ingredients beforehand and cook it fresh when we get there. Display cards for each dish to tell you all about it. Our suggestions for wines and beers that’ll match your eats perfectly. After all the nibbles, we’ll tidy up—no dirty dishes left behind!

Fine Dining

An elegant affair awaits! Expect two appetizers, a salad or a cozy soup, a main course that's the star, a delightful dessert, and a signature cocktail (with a bartender too!). We'll personalize your menus based on your food desires, and we’ll have a good chat about it beforehand. We’re doing all the shopping before the big day and cooking up a storm just for you.

Each dish is going to be presented with creative plating, and we’ll have menus and cloth napkins for everyone.

If you want some drinks with that, Chef Steven will create one of his signature cocktails. 

When the last sip is taken, we’ll make sure everything's clean as a whistle—dishes, pans, the works!

Service Details

Bachelor Party Services and Pricing, Cooking with Chef Steven, Quote .png

Chef's Creations

Watermelon Pizza
Ancho Chicken
Ancho Chili Chicken, Chef Steven Ferneding
Veggie Tacos, Chef Steven Ferneding
Prime Filet  - Cooking with Chef Steven
Caribbean Lobster, Chef Steven Ferneding
Beet Deviled Eggs, Chef Steven Ferneding
Street Corn, Chef Steven Ferneding
IMG_2333 2
Coconut Curry Shrimp Soup
Deconstructed Mexican Street Corn, Chef Steven Ferneding
Crab Curry, Chef Steven Ferneding
Spicy Chili Shrimp, Chef Steven Ferneding

Past Bachelor Party Menus

The Process

The process.png

Booking Your Intimate Gastronomic Affair

Let's set the stage for an intimate culinary experience. Once you've decided on the type of service, I'll guide you through securing your date with a deposit.


Tailored Menu for Your Epicurean Evening

Anticipate an email featuring a menu questionnaire, allowing us to craft a bespoke dining experience based on your personal tastes and preferences.


Scouring for Fresh Ingredients, Anticipating a Memorable Night

In the days leading up to your soirée, I'll meticulously seek out the freshest, finest ingredients, laying the groundwork for a night of gastronomic delight.


Early Arrival, Elegance in Preparation

On the day of your special evening, I'll arrive well in advance to set the scene, orchestrating an exquisite dining atmosphere right in the comfort of your own space.


Indulgence and Storytelling in Every Bite

As your private chef, I'll serve each course, accentuating the experience by sharing the inspirations and narratives behind the culinary creations, adding an intimate touch to your meal.


Effortless Post-Dinner Tidying

After the last savory bite, allow my staff to handle the post-meal cleanup. Your space will be returned to its pristine state while you relish the lingering flavors of the night.


Crafting Unforgettable Moments

Cherish this private dining experience as a night to remember, filled with savory flavors, and culinary tales woven into each delectable dish. I'm thrilled to be part of creating this enchanting dinner for you and your guests!

Reserve Today! 

Your Culinary Adventure Awaits!

Thank you for your interest! Will get back to you shortly!

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