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I'm Chef Steven Ferneding, and I specialize in delivering top-tier personal chef services, intertwining my love for exploring the world with my culinary expertise.

Over the last decade, my culinary adventures have taken me to 50+ countries across the globe, allowing me to savor the unique flavors of each culture. After earning my International Business degree from Arizona State University, I pursued culinary excellence at Le Cordon Bleu in Portland, graduating with honors. My journey then led me to a premier seafood restaurant in San Diego and eventually to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, where I cooked aboard renowned yachts and in celebrity homes.

During my ten years at sea, I earned acclaim as a health-conscious gourmet chef, earning features in international yachting publications. Seeking to delve deeper into global flavors, I immersed myself in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisines. For 18 months, I traversed India and Southeast Asia, cooking traditional meals alongside locals. Notably, I spent three months in Nepal's Himalayan Mountains, exchanging recipes with villagers and even filming an international travel cooking series, "Trading Dishes."

My journey led to a cookbook co-authored from these experiences, available on Amazon and iTunes. I've showcased my culinary prowess through live cooking demonstrations on major TV networks like ABC, CBS, FOX, and AZTV, also conducting international cooking presentations in Thailand and Costa Rica.

Today, I'm a passionate gardener, cultivating spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits—nurturing the same ingredients that inspire my culinary creations.

Thank you for considering my culinary journey. I'm thrilled to share my love for cooking with you and your family.

Warm regards,


~ Chef Steven Ferneding

Cooking Demonstrations

Make your favorite Chef Steven dishes at home with his latest recipes, and follow him on his regular network television appearances.

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