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Cooking Demonstrations

Chef Steven has co-hosted live cooking demonstrations on ABC, CBS, FOX and AZTV’s morning and afternoon programs. On his last trip abroad he produced and hosted several international cooking demonstrations that were broadcasted on ABC’s Afternoon Live Show.

Monthly Featured Cooking Demonstration

pineapple fritters-0077.jpg

Additional Cooking Demonstration

Chef's Creations

Watermelon Pizza
Ancho Chicken
Ancho Chili Chicken, Chef Steven Ferneding
Veggie Tacos, Chef Steven Ferneding
Prime Filet  - Cooking with Chef Steven
Caribbean Lobster, Chef Steven Ferneding
Beet Deviled Eggs, Chef Steven Ferneding
Street Corn, Chef Steven Ferneding
IMG_2333 2
Coconut Curry Shrimp Soup
Deconstructed Mexican Street Corn, Chef Steven Ferneding
Crab Curry, Chef Steven Ferneding
Spicy Chili Shrimp, Chef Steven Ferneding
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