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Personal Chef Service

Indulge in the Personal Chef Experience:

From breakfast to lunch and dinner, relish bespoke meals crafted in the comfort of your own kitchen.

*Delivery service available for your convenience.


Tailored Menus for Your Tastes:

Let your palate lead the way with menus designed to fit your dietary needs and culinary preferences. Enjoy a complimentary consultation to ensure every dish suits your discerning tastes.


Freshness at the Forefront:

Each week begins with fresh ingredients handpicked and purchased before we step into your kitchen. You dictate the budget for your culinary delights.


Effortless Service, Spotless Kitchen:

After creating culinary magic, Chef Steven and his staff take charge, ensuring your kitchen gleams. From plates to pots and all in between, cleanliness is our forte.


Empower Your Inner Chef:

Unleash your culinary prowess with private cooking lessons available at your request.



While we bring the expertise, the cost of ingredients isn’t included. For any additional needs like plate and stemware rentals, or Tupperware, these remain outside the service scope.

Available only in Sedona

Personal Chef Service Details

Past Menu Samples

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